SSX23 v2020 GNB


  • Artnr: N30693
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Beskrivning av artikel

Novritsch SSX23. med metal mantel, fiber korn som leverareas i en hardcase väska.

Anslags energiy: 0.8-1.1 Joules
Total vikt: 860g
Magasin: 24 BBs

Drivning: Greengas

Hopup: Ja Justerbar

Using High-Pressure Gas at more than 10°C can break your magazine’s seal.
Follow this chart to make sure your magazines will last for a long time and to get the best performance out of your SSX-23.

Temperature Ideal Gas Ideal BBs
0°C to 5*C Super High Pressure 0.28
5°C to 10*C High Pressure 0.36
10°C to 20*C Medium Pressure 0.36
20°C to 50*C Low Pressure 0.36

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