Forest Green RAL 6031 Fosco


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Professional quick-drying paint to camouflage guns, vehicles and equipment. 

Matte texture absorbs the sun's rays and reduces glare. 

Color: Forrest Green RAL 6031
Container: 400ml 

Physical and Chemical Characteristics: 
- Base: Alkyd resin 
- VOC-content: Approximately 83% w/w 
- Solid content: Approximately 17% w/w 
- Gloss: Mat <5 at an angle of 60° 
- Dust dry: After 10 to 20 minutes 
- Tack free: After approximately 45 minutes 
- Hardened/re-sprayable: After 16 hours 
- Heat resistant: To 110°C 

In order to wash off the paint, you can use nitro solvent.

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